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Session 1
4. Click WordPad on the Accessories submenu. The WordPad program window opens, as
shown in Figure 10.
Figure 10
WordPad program window
Close button
insertion point
indicates where
text will appear
when you type
pointer in the
your WordPad
w i ndow might be a
different size or in a
different location
program button
for the WordPad
Trouble? If the WordPad program window fills the entire screen, don’t worry. You will
learn how to manipulate windows shortly.
When a program is started, it is said to be open or running. A program button appears
on the taskbar for each open program. You click a program button to switch between
open programs. When you are finished using a program, you can click the Close button
located in the upper-right corner of the program window to exit , or close, that program.
To exit the WordPad program:
1. Click the Close button on the WordPad title bar. The WordPad program closes and you
return to the Windows XP desktop.
Running Multiple Programs
One of the most useful features of Windows XP is its ability to run multiple programs at
the same time. This feature, known as multitasking , allows you to work on more than one
task at a time and to switch quickly between projects. For example, you can start
WordPad and leave it running while you start the Paint program.
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