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Read This Before You Begin
Data Files
To complete the “Integrating Word, Excel, and Access” tutorial, you need the starting Data Files. See the inside back
or front cover for information on downloading these files from, or ask your instructor for assistance. The
following table identifies each starting Data File and the folder it is stored in, as well as the ending files, which you
create and save in each tutorial.
Starting Files
Ending Files
Hospital Letter1.doc, LHCBrochure.doc,
Lifestyles Services.mdb, New Services Brochure.doc,
LHCRequests.xls, LHCServices.xls
Request List.xls, Services Requested Query.rtf
LHCALDInfo.doc, LHCProducts.xls,
ALD Info Sheet.doc, ALD Products Workbook.xls,
ALDProducts.mdb, Frequently Asked Questions.doc,
Install Products.rtf, Product Prices.rtf
LFCTextbooks.xls, MusicGrowth.xls,
All Textbooks.xls, Outdated Texts.rtf,
MusicLetter.doc, MusicMemo.doc
Renovations Memo.doc, Textbook Memo.doc,
Storing Your Files
It is recommended that you store all your Data Files on a USB drive. Refer to the tutorial “Managing
Your Files” for information on using USB drives. If you need to store your Data Files on floppy disks,
you will need one high-density disk to store all the files for the “Integrating Word, Excel, and Access”
SAM 2003 Training Companion CD
The SAM 2003 Training Companion CD that comes with this text gives you “just-in-time” training and
reinforcement of important Microsoft Office skills. Look for the SAM CD logo throughout each tutorial
for opportunities to complete the hands-on tasks included on this CD.
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