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Tutorial 2
Tutorial 2
Integrating Word, Excel, and Access
Creating a Brochure
Lifestyles Home Care, Inc.
Caitlin Sheehan, the founder and owner of Lifestyles Home Care, Inc., in Woburn, Massachusetts, decided to
create a brochure to publicize the expanded services offered by her company. Caitlin realizes that many people
are not even aware that services like the ones Lifestyles provides—to help elderly and disabled people stay in
their homes rather than move into a nursing home—even exist. The brochure needs to communicate the services
to potential new clients, give an overview of pricing, and explain the services clearly enough for people to see
the benefits of helping loved ones remain in their own homes.
In addition to sending the new brochure to the social work departments at local hospitals, Caitlin decides to mail
a copy to all of her current clients. She wants them to be aware of the new services, in case they would like addi-
tional services that the state won’t pay for, or in case their circumstances change and they become ineligible for
state-supported services.
Caitlin has drafted the text and established the general layout for the brochure in a Word document. She needs to
insert the company logo into the brochure. Caitlin also wants to include a table summarizing the services she
plans to offer and the fees for those services. Finally, she wants to include a sample package of services. The com-
pany logo and the list of services are contained in a Word letter and an Excel workbook. To create the sample pack-
age of services, Caitlin will import data she has stored in an Excel workbook into an Access database, where she
can use Access tools to analyze the data. Then she can export the analysis into the brochure.
| Objectives
| SAM Training Tasks
• Collect and paste using
the Clipboard task pane
• Copy and paste text
• Copy cells
• Collect text from Office
documents and place
it on the Clipboard
task pane
• Paste selections from
Office documents
into Word
• Find Office documents
with the File Search
task panes
• Learn about importing
and exporting data
• Import an Excel list into
an Access database
• Query an Access
• Export an Access query
to a Word document
• Export data to Word
• Import structured data
into Access tables
• Search for workbooks
Student Data Files
For a complete list of the Data Files needed for this tutorial, see page INT 2-2.
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