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Using the Task Panes
Using the Task Panes
Caitlin knows that she has stored some of the information she needs for the brochure in other
Office documents. The company logo has been used in several letters she has written. She
also knows that she has created a table of the new services and fees in an Excel worksheet.
Caitlin asks you to find these two pieces of information—the company logo and the
table of services and fees—and insert them into the brochure where they belong. To inte-
grate this material, you can use the Office task panes. Every Office program contains a
number of task panes, including the Help, Clipboard, and Basic File Search task panes.
The task panes include related options that you need to perform common tasks, such as
simple and advanced options for finding a file.
You will start by using the Clipboard task pane to copy and paste the company logo
into the brochure. Then you can use the File Search command to find the new services
and fees table and insert that into the brochure.
Collecting Information on the Clipboard Task Pane
The Clipboard task pane allows you to access the Office Clipboard. You use the Office
Clipboard to collect text and other items from Office documents, and then paste those
items into any Office document. The collected items stay on the Office Clipboard until
you clear it or exit Office. You can collect up to 24 items on the Office Clipboard. Once
you cut or paste a 25th item to the Office Clipboard, the first item you collected is
removed. The Office Clipboard is different from the system Clipboard. The system
Clipboard is part of Windows, and it can contain only the last item cut or copied. Items
that you cut or copy are put onto the system Clipboard, and each subsequent cut or
copied item replaces the item that was on the system Clipboard previously.
To paste an item from the Office Clipboard, you must open the Clipboard task pane and
click the item in the task pane that you want to paste. When you use the Paste command
(either the menu command, the toolbar button, or the shortcut keys Ctrl + V), you paste only
the last item cut or copied; in other words, you paste the item on the system Clipboard.
For the brochure, you’ll copy the Lifestyles Home Care logo from one document, and
then use the Office Clipboard to paste it into the brochure. First, you’ll start Word and
open the brochure document.
To open the brochure document:
1. Open the Word document LHCBrochure , located in the Tutorial.02\Tutorial folder included
with your Data Files.
2. Save the document to the same folder with the name New Services Brochure . The
brochure appears in Print Layout view.
3. If necessary, display nonprinting characters.
You’ll start by copying the Lifestyles Home Care logo from a letter.
To copy the logo from a Word document:
1. Open the Hospital Letter1 document, located in the Tutorial.02\Tutorial folder included
with your Data Files. This is the document that contains the Lifestyles Home Care logo.
2. Click the logo in the document to select it. See Figure 2-2.
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