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Using the Task Panes
Trouble? If the Advanced File Search task pane opens instead of the Basic File Search task
pane, click the Basic File Search link at the bottom of the Advanced File Search task pane.
2. Select any text in the Search text text box, if necessary, and then type new fee schedule .
Caitlin knows that the file contains this phrase, so you can use it to find the file.
3. Click the Search in list arrow under Other Search Options, click the My Network Places
and Outlook check boxes to clear them, if necessary, click the My Computer check box to
check it, if necessary, and then click the plus sign (+) next to My Computer to open a list
of locations on your computer. Notice that all of the check boxes are selected. If neces-
sary, you could select only certain locations to narrow your search and speed up the
search process. You should always check the search locations because Word remembers
the settings from one session to the next.
4. Click the My Documents check box to clear it, and then click it again to select it. Now the
My Documents check box is a single check box, which indicates that the search function
will search for files matching the search criteria in the My Documents folder, but not within
any subfolders stored in the My Documents folder. Note the other selected check boxes
that look like there are two additional check boxes stacked underneath them. This indicates
that the contents of any subfolder within those folders will be searched in addition to files
within the folder itself. See Figure 2-5.
Figure 2-5
Search criteria set in Basic File Search task pane
indicates that Search function
will search files within this folder,
but subfolders will not be searched
your list might differ
indicates that subfolders within
this folder will also be searched
5. Click the My Computer check box to select it and all of the subfolders within it.
6. Click outside the Search in list box to close the list.
You can also narrow the search by selecting the type of document you want to find. Caitlin
knows that the services and fees table is in an Excel workbook.
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