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Using the Task Panes
4. Click the Other Task Panes list arrow, and then click Clipboard to switch to the Clipboard
task pane. See Figure 2-7.
Figure 2-7
Cells to copy from LHCServices worksheet
Other Task Panes list arrow
icon indicates this
was copied from
an Excel workbook
selected cells
Trouble? If the Excel data in the Clipboard task pane does not have an Excel icon next to
it, click the Copy button again to copy the data a second time, and then delete the item in
the Clipboard task pane that does not have the Excel icon next to it by pointing to it, click-
ing the list arrow that appears, and then clicking Delete.
5. Close the LHCServices workbook, and then exit Excel.
The information you copied remains on the Office Clipboard even after you exit Excel.
You have collected two items for the brochure—the company logo and the table listing
the new services and fees. Now you can paste these items into the brochure.
Pasting Items from the Clipboard Task Pane
To paste an item from the Clipboard task pane into a document, you open the document,
click the location where you want to paste the item, and then click the item in the
Clipboard task pane. The text or object then appears in the document. After you paste an
item, the Paste Options button appears in the program window near the lower-right corner
of the pasted item. Recall you use the Paste Options button to determine how the informa-
tion you pasted should be formatted in the Word document.
You are ready to paste the selections you collected on the Clipboard.
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