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Session 1
To run WordPad and Paint at the same time:
1. Start WordPad again.
2. Click the Start button on the taskbar.
3. Point to All Programs , and then point to Accessories .
4. Click Paint . The Paint program window opens, as shown in Figure 11. Now two programs
are running at the same time.
Two programs open
Figure 11
mouse pointer is a pencil
when positioned in the
drawing area
WordPad window
might appear behind
the Paint window
Paint program button
is pushed in, indicating
that Paint is the
active program
WordPad program button is
not pushed in indicating that
WordPad is running but is not
the active program
Trouble? If the Paint program fills the entire screen, continue with the next set of steps.
You will learn how to manipulate windows shortly.
The active program is the one you are currently using—Windows XP applies your next
keystroke or command to the active program. Paint is the active program because it is the
one in which you are currently working. The WordPad program button is still on the
taskbar, indicating that WordPad is still running even if you can’t see its program window.
Imagine that the WordPad program window is stacked behind the Paint program window.
Switching Between Programs
Because only one program is active at a time, you’ll need to switch between programs if
you want to work in one or the other. The easiest way to switch between programs is to
use the program buttons on the taskbar.
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