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Using the Task Panes
To paste items from the Clipboard task pane:
1. Click the New Services Brochure - Microsoft Word button on the taskbar, if necessary, to
make the New Services Brochure document active, click the Other Task Panes list arrow
on the Search Results task pane title bar, and then click Clipboard to open the Clipboard
task pane.
First, you need to paste the logo you copied from the hospital letter into the brochure.
2. Click in the first blank paragraph in the brochure.
3. Click the Lifestyles Home Care logo in the Clipboard task pane. The logo is pasted into
the Word document.
4. Click the pasted logo to select it, and then drag it to the top of the page and position it
approximately centered over the word Home . See Figure 2-8.
Brochure with logo pasted
Figure 2-8
indicates position of logo
position logo here
Next, you will paste the services and fees table into page 2 of the brochure.
5. Scroll down the document so that you can see the two paragraphs on page 2, and then
click in the blank paragraph just above the page break on page 2.
6. Click the Excel item that begins Services Hourly rate 3 hours in the Clipboard task pane.
The data is pasted into the brochure and retains the formatting of the original Excel work-
sheet. See Figure 2-9.
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