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Using the Task Panes
Figure 2-9
Services table copied into brochure
Excel table
Paste Options button
Trouble? If you have two copies of the data in the Clipboard task pane, make sure you
click the item in the Clipboard task pane with the Excel icon.
The format of the table does not match the format of the rest of the text in the brochure;
for example, the table text is smaller. You will use the Paste Options button to reformat the
pasted table to match the format of the Word document.
7. Click the Paste Options button in the document. The options are similar to the ones you
saw when you linked the Excel table to the Hospital Letter in the first Integration tutorial.
8. Click the Match Destination Table Style option button. The format of the table text now
matches the format of the other paragraphs in the brochure.
9. Position the pointer over the table so that the Select Table button appears near the upper-
left corner of the table, click the Select Table button in the document, click the Center
button on the Formatting toolbar, and then click a blank area of the document to dese-
lect the table. The table is centered horizontally on the page.
10. Click the Close button on the Clipboard task pane title bar to close the task pane, and
then save the New Services Brochure document.
You have added all the information Caitlin needs in the first part of the brochure. Now
Caitlin needs you to create the table listing the most frequently requested services, which
you will then use to create a sample service package.
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