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Using Access Data in a Word Document
The next dialog box in the wizard lets you assign a primary key to the data. When you are
working in a database, a primary key uniquely identifies each record in a table and speeds
up retrieval. Because the Request List worksheet does not contain information you can con-
vert to a primary key, you can let Access add one to the table.
10. Click the Next button to let Access add a primary key.
Now you can provide a name for the new Access table.
11. Type Services Requested in the Import to Table text box, and then click the Finish button.
After a moment, a dialog box opens telling you that Access has finished importing the data.
12. Click the OK button in the dialog box.
The new table appears in the Database window.
13. Double-click the Services Requested table icon to open the table, and then maximize the
table window, if necessary. The Excel data has been imported into the new Access table,
and the column headings are converted to field names and the row data to records.
14. Close the Services Requested table. Leave the Lifestyles Services database open.
Now you are ready to query the table to determine the most requested services.
Using Access Data in a Word Document
As you recall from your work with Access, you use a query to extract information from a data-
base. You create a query to search for records that meet your criteria, and then store them in a
datasheet—a collection of data from a table, query, or other Access object, displayed in a
row-and-column format. You can then export the datasheet into a Word document.
Caitlin wants to find the most requested services over the past year. She wants you to
include all services that were requested more than 1500 times. You’ll create a query to
find this information. Access will store the results of the query in a datasheet, which you
can then export to the new brochure.
Querying Data in an Access Database
Now you are ready to build a query to extract information from the Services Requested
table you created in the new Lifestyles Services database.
To create a query to identify the most commonly requested services:
1. In the Access Database window, click Queries in the Objects list.
You want to create a new query to find records in the Services Requested table.
2. Double-click Create query by using wizard . The first dialog box of the Simple Query
Wizard opens.
In this dialog box, you choose the table or query that contains the information you want to
extract. Then you choose the fields in that table or query that you want to display in the
datasheet. There is only one table in the new database, and it is listed in the Table/Queries
list. Next, you choose the fields from the Services Requested table that contain the data
you want to display in the datasheet. Caitlin only wants to show the services requested and
the number of requests for each service.
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