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Case Problem 1
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: MusicMemo.doc, MusicLetter.doc.
Making Music Caleb Jacobson, the owner of Making Music, recently applied for a loan
to renovate his retail store and add additional practice rooms. He decides to send out a
memo to his employees to explain the upcoming renovations. He has drafted the body of
the memo, but he asks you to find and copy the company logo and a chart illustrating the
store’s growth. To complete the memo:
Apply the skills you
learned to search for
files and to copy items
into a document.
1. Open the Word document MusicMemo in the Tutorial.02\Cases folder included with
your Data Files.
2. Replace Caleb Jacobson’s name with your own, and then save the document as
Renovations Memo in the same folder.
3. Use the Basic File Search task pane to locate a document containing the text
“750 Main Street.” (Make sure you type “Street” and not “St.”) Restrict your search to
the location where your Data Files are stored, but do not restrict the type of file for
which to search. A document with the store’s address in it is probably a letter and
therefore will contain the logo. You should find the file MusicLetter.
4. Open the file MusicLetter from the Search Results task pane.
5. Copy the logo from the document to the Office Clipboard, and then close the
MusicLetter document.
6. Use the Basic File Search task pane to search for a Word or Excel file containing the
text “number of students.” You should find the files MusicGrowth and MusicLetter as
well as the current open document, Renovations Memo.
7. Open the file MusicGrowth from the Search Results task pane, copy the chart on the
Number of Music Lessons worksheet to the Office Clipboard, copy the chart on the
Lessons by Instrument worksheet to the Office Clipboard, and then close the workbook.
8. Switch back to the Renovations Memo document.
9. Paste the logo from the Clipboard task pane at the top of the memo and center it.
10. Paste the Number of Music Lessons chart (the column chart) to the first blank paragraph
below the last paragraph in the memo, and then paste the Lessons by Instrument chart
(the pie chart) in the blank paragraph above the chart you just pasted.
11. Save, preview, and print the Renovations Memo document.
12. Close the document, and then exit all open programs.
Case Problem 2
Data File needed for this Case Problem: LFCTextbooks.xls
Learning Fulfillment Centers The tutors at Learning Fulfillment Centers often recommend
textbooks to their students. Nia Walker, the administrative assistant at the main office,
started keeping a list of recommended textbooks in an Excel workbook. Enrique Garcia,
the owner, has decided to review this list to make sure only texts with a copyright year
after 2000 are recommended. You will search for the file that Nia created, import the list
into Access, query the database to find the texts published in 2000 or earlier, and then
export this information to a memo you will create in Word. To complete the memo:
Expand the skills you
learned in this tutorial to
find a file, import Excel
data to Access, and then
export the results of an
Access query to a new
Word document that
you create.
1. Start Excel, if necessary.
2. Open the Advanced File Search task pane, and search for the file Nia Walker created.
( Hint : Click the Property list arrow, click Author, type Nia Walker in the Value text
box, and then click the Add button to add the search criteria to the list.) Restrict the
search to Excel files. Also restrict the search to the location where your Data Files are
stored. Make sure that if you select a folder that contains subfolders, you click the
check box twice to make multiple check boxes appear so that the subfolders also will
be searched. You should find the Excel file LFCTextbooks.
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