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SAM Assessment and Training
3. Open the Excel file LFCTextbooks from the Search Results task pane, and then save it
as All Textbooks in the Tutorial.02\Cases folder included with your Data Files.
4. Set up the worksheet for Access to import so that row 1 includes column headings,
and then save and close the workbook.
5. Create a new database in Access called Textbooks and save it in the
Tutorial.02\Cases folder included with your Data Files.
6. Import Sheet1 of the All Textbooks workbook to a new table named Recommended
Texts , and then save and close the table. Make sure you click the First Row Contains
Column Headings check box to select it in the first dialog box of the Import
Spreadsheet Wizard. (If a dialog box appears telling you that some of the data in row 1
cannot be used for valid field names, click the OK button to continue.)
7. Use the Simple Query Wizard to create a query to list all the texts. Add the Title,
Edition, Author, Copyright, Publisher, and ISBN fields to the query, and accept all the
other defaults in the wizard. Name the query Recommended Texts Query .
8. Modify the query to display only those textbooks that were published in 2000 or ear-
lier, run the query, save the results, and then close the query window.
9. Export the query results to an RTF file named Outdated Texts and save this file in the
Tutorial.02\Cases folder included with your Data Files, and then close the database.
10. Create a new Word document, and then type a memo to Enrique explaining that you
found the information he requested.
11. Insert the RTF file Outdated Texts into the Textbook Memo.
12. Format the table so it fits nicely in the document. Select the entire table, click Format
on the menu bar, click Paragraph, type 0 (zero) in the Left, Right, Before, and After
text boxes, and then click the OK button. Make any other formatting changes to the
table you like to make the table look nice in the document.
13. Save the memo as Textbook Memo in the Tutorial.02\Cases folder.
14. Preview and print the memo, close the document, and then exit all open programs.
SAM Assessment and Training
If your instructor has chosen to use the full online version of SAM 2003 Assessment and
Training, you can go beyond the “just-in-time” training provided on the CD that accompa-
nies this text. Simply log in to your SAM account ( to launch
any assigned training activities or exams that relate to the skills covered in this tutorial.
Quick Check Answers
1. Open the first document, and then select and copy text or other information to the
Office Clipboard. Open other documents, and copy selections to the Clipboard task
pane. Open the document where you want to paste the selections, click where you
want to insert the selection, and then click the corresponding item on the Clipboard
task pane. Paste other selections following this same procedure.
2. In the Basic File Search task pane, you search for files that contain text you specify. In
the Advanced File Search task pane, you find files based on their properties, such as
who created the file or when.
3. to extract information from the data
4. The Excel data should be in the form of a list with column headings in row 1 and no
blank lines.
5. Import Spreadsheet Wizard
6. true
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