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Tutorial 1
Tutorial 1
Creating a Presentation
Presenting Information About Humanitarian Projects
Global Humanitarian, Austin Office
In 1985, a group of Austin, Texas business leaders established a nonprofit organization called Global
Humanitarian. Its goal was to alleviate abject poverty in the third world through public awareness and personal
involvement in sustainable self-help initiatives in third-world villages. Today, Global Humanitarian is a large
umbrella organization and clearinghouse for national and international humanitarian organizations. Its five major
functions are to help provide the following: entrepreneurial support, service expeditions, inventory surplus
exchange, funding and grant proposals, and student internships.
The president of Global Humanitarian is Norma Flores, who sits on the board of directors and carries out its poli-
cies and procedures. The managing director of the Austin office is Miriam Schwartz, and the managing director in
Latin America is Pablo Fuentes, who lives and works in Lima, Peru. Miriam wants you to use PowerPoint to
develop a presentation to provide information about Global Humanitarian’s current projects to potential donors,
expedition participants, and student interns.
In this tutorial, you’ll examine a presentation that Miriam created to become familiar with Microsoft Office
PowerPoint 2003 (or simply PowerPoint ). You’ll then create a presentation based on content that PowerPoint sug-
gests by using the AutoContent Wizard. You’ll modify the text in the presentation, and you’ll add and delete
slides. You’ll check the spelling and style of the presentation, and then you’ll view the completed slide show.
Finally, you’ll save the slide show and print handouts.
| Objectives
| SAM Training Tasks
• Create a specified type
of slide
• Create presentations from
a blank presentation
Session 1.1
• Open and view an
existing PowerPoint
• Switch views and navi-
gate a presentation
• View a presentation in
Slide Show view
• Create a presentation
using the AutoContent
• Create presentations
using the AutoContent
Session 1.2
• Add, move, and delete
• Promote and demote
text in the Outline tab
• Create speaker notes
for slides
• Check the spelling and
style in a presentation
• Preview and print slides
• Print outlines, handouts,
and speaker notes
• Add and modify
• Add notes
• Change a bullet
character and color on
the Slide Master
• Change the layout of
individual slides
• Change the order of
slides in a presentation
• Change the view to
Slide Sorter view
• Check spelling
• Delete slides from a
• Edit text on slides
• Print an outline
• Print handouts
• Print slides
• Print speaker notes
• Use the Research Pane
For a complete list of the Data Files needed for this tutorial, see page PPT 2.
Student Data Files
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