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Session 1.1
To view the presentation in Slide Show view:
1. With Slide 1 in the slide pane, click the Slide Show from current slide button . The
slide show begins by filling the entire viewing area of the screen with Slide 1 of Miriam’s
presentation. Watch as the slide title moves down the slide from the top and the Global
Humanitarian logo and motto gradually appear on the screen.
As you view this first slide, you can already see some of the types of elements that
PowerPoint allows you to place on a slide: text in different styles, sizes, and colors; graph-
ics; and a background picture. You also saw an example of an animation when you watched
the slide title slide down the screen and the logo and motto gradually appear.
2. Press the spacebar . The slide show goes from Slide 1 to Slide 2. See Figure 1-3. Notice that
during the transition from Slide 1 to Slide 2, the presentation displayed Slide 2 by scrolling
down from the top of the screen and covering up Slide 1.
Figure 1-3
Slide 2 in Slide Show view
title text
slide number
Trouble? If you missed the transition from Slide 1 to Slide 2, or if you want to see it again,
press the key to redisplay Slide 1, and then press the spacebar to go to Slide 2 again.
Notice in Figure 1-3 that Slide 2 displays: (1) a colored background that varies in color
across the slide, (2) Global Humanitarian’s logo, (3) a title in large yellow text, (4) a bulleted
list (with green textured bullets and white text, or solid cyan bullets with light yellow text),
(5) a footer, (6) the slide number (in the lower-right corner of the slide), and (7) a photo-
graph of a villager using an open fire.
3. Click the left mouse button to proceed to Slide 3. During the transition from Slide 2 to
Slide 3, you again see the slide scroll down onto the screen from the top. Once the slide
appears on the screen, you see a chart slowly appear. PowerPoint supports features for
creating and customizing this type of chart, as well as graphs, diagrams, tables, and
organization charts.
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