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Session 1.1
9. Click the Next button. The Finish dialog box opens, letting you know that you completed
the questions for the AutoContent Wizard.
10. Click the Finish button. PowerPoint displays the AutoContent outline in the Outline tab and
the title slide (Slide 1) in the slide pane. The filename in the title bar “Presentation” fol-
lowed by a number is a temporary filename. See Figure 1-6.
Figure 1-6
Outline and slide after completing the AutoContent Wizard
presentation title
selec t ed
placeholder with
presenter’s name
(name on your slide
will differ)
slide number
The AutoContent Wizard automatically displays the presenter’s name (actually the name of
the registered PowerPoint user) below the title in Slide 1. The name that appears on your
screen will be different from the one shown in Figure 1-6.
Next, you’ll save and name the presentation you created.
To save and name the presentation:
1. Click the Save button
on the Standard toolbar. The Save As dialog box opens.
2. Click the Save in list arrow, and then navigate to the Tutorial.01\Tutorial folder included
with your Data Files, if necessary.
3. Click immediately after Global Humanitarian, the default filename, in the File name text
box, press the spacebar , type Overview , and then click the Save button. PowerPoint saves
the presentation as Global Humanitarian Overview and displays that name in the title bar of
the PowerPoint window.
In the next session, you’ll edit the text of Miriam’s presentation, as well as create notes.
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