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Session 1
After you open a window, you can manipulate it by changing its size and position.
Manipulating Windows
On the right side of the title bar are three buttons. The Minimize button, which is the first
of the three buttons, hides a window so that only its program button is visible on the
taskbar. The other button changes name and function depending on the status of the win-
dow (it either maximizes the window or restores it to a predefined size). You are already
familiar with the last button—the Close button. Figure 15 shows how these buttons work.
Figure 15
Window buttons
if your screen looks like this...
and you click this button...
your screen will change to this:
Minimize button shrinks
window so you see only its
button on the taskbar
When middle button
appears as Restore button,
it reduces window to its
predetermined “normal” size.
When middle button
appears as Maximize button,
it enlarges window to fill the
entire screen.
Close button
closes window and removes
button from taskbar
You can use the Minimize button when you want to temporarily hide a window but
keep the program running.
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