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open a dialog box. A dialog box is a special kind of window where you enter or choose set-
tings for how you want to perform a task. For example, you use the Page Setup dialog box to
set margins and some printing options. If you open a menu, and then decide not to select a
command, you can close the menu by clicking its name again or pressing the Esc key.
To select the Page Setup menu command from the File menu:
1. Click File on the WordPad menu bar to open the File menu. See Figure 17.
File menu
Figure 17
your menu might show
additional commands
Page Setup command
2. Click Page Setup to open the Page Setup dialog box.
3. After examining the dialog box, click the Cancel button to close the Page Setup dialog box.
If you had selected options in the Page Setup dialog box that you wanted to retain, you
would click the OK button instead of the Cancel button.
Not all menu items and commands immediately carry out an action—some show sub-
menus or ask you for more information about what you want to do. The menu gives you
visual hints about what to expect when you select an item. These hints are sometimes
referred to as menu conventions . Figure 18 shows examples of these menu conventions.
Examples of menu conventions
Figure 18
k eyboard
check mark
Figure 19 describes the Windows XP menu conventions.
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