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Session 1
select an option other than the one shown in the list box or on the button, you click the
list arrow, and then click the option that you want to use.
To select a new font size from the Font Size button list box:
1. Click the Font Size button list arrow
on the WordPad toolbar.
2. Click 18 . The Font Size list closes, and the font size you selected appears in the list box.
3. Type a few characters to test the new font size.
4. Click the Font Size button list arrow
on the WordPad toolbar again.
5. Click 12 .
6. Type a few characters to test this type size. The text appears in the smaller font size.
Dialog boxes also contain scroll bars and list boxes. You’ll examine a typical dialog
box next.
Working with Dialog Boxes
Recall that when you select a menu command or item followed by an ellipsis, a dialog box
opens that allows you to provide more information about how a program should carry out
a task. Some dialog boxes organize different kinds of information into bordered rectangular
areas called groups. Within these groups, you will usually find tabs, option buttons, check
boxes, and other controls that the program uses to collect information about how you want
it to perform a task. Figure 21 displays examples of common dialog box controls.
Figure 21
Examples of dialog box controls
click a tab to
view a group of
controls whose
functions are
click a check
box to turn an
option off
(not checked)
or on
you can
check more
than one
check box in
the pane
option buttons
appear in
groups; a dot
indicates which
option butt on
you clicked
click the up
or down spin
arrow to
increase or
decrease the
number in
the spin box
click in the text
box and then
type an entry
Now you can open a typical Windows XP dialog box in WordPad. To learn how dialog
box controls work, you’ll open the Options dialog box, which you use to determine how
text fits in the WordPad window and which toolbars appear. You’ll remove the check mark
from a check box and select an option button, and then see how these settings affect the
WordPad window. Note that by default the status bar appears at the bottom of the WordPad
window and that the ruler uses inches.
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