Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Session 2
Figure 24
Contents of the folder with your user name
title bar and Address bar
indicate this shows the
My Documents folder
icons show the
c ontents of the
open folder; your
contents will differ
status bar shows the number
of objects in the window
Trouble? If your window looks different from Figure 24, you can still perform the rest of
the steps. For example, your window might contain additional folders and files.
Trouble? If you see a list of folder names or filenames instead of icons, click View on the
menu bar, and then click Tiles.
Trouble? If the status bar does not appear in your window, click View on the menu bar,
and then click Status Bar.
4. Double-click each folder in the My Documents window until you find one that contains files.
Record the name of the folder you opened. Your window will be similar to the one shown in
Figure 25, which shows the contents of the My Music folder.
Figure 25
Viewing files in a folder
folde r s within the
My Music folder
icons show the
type of file
tasks change to reflect the new location
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