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Session 2
The Windows XP Help and Support Center window organizes the vast amount of help
and support information into pages. These six pages—the Home, Index, Favorites, History,
Support, and Options page—are designed to aid users in locating information on a partic-
ular topic quickly. To open one of these pages, click its button on the navigation bar. The
Home page lists common tasks under the heading “Pick a Help topic” in the left pane on
the page. Click a task to see detailed information or instructions about that task in the
right pane of the page. The right pane of the Home page lists common tasks, tips, and
ways you can ask for assistance. For example, you can contact a support professional or
download the latest version of Windows XP.
The Index page displays an alphabetical list of all the Help topics from which you can
choose. The Favorites page shows Help topics you’ve added to your Favorites list. To add a
topic to the Favorites list, open the topic, and then click the Favorites button on the Help
window. The History page lists links you’ve recently selected in Help. The Support page
includes links that you can click to connect to the Microsoft Web site, if possible, for
additional assistance. The Options page provides ways you can customize Help. For
example, you can change the appearance of the navigation bar.
If you can’t find the topic you want listed on any of the six Help and Support Center pages,
the word that you are using for a feature or topic might be different from the word that
Windows XP uses. You can use the Search box to search for all keywords contained in the
Help pages, not just the topic titles. In the Search box, you can type any word or phrase, click
the Search button, and Windows XP lists all the Help topics that contain that word or phrase.
Viewing Topics on the Windows XP Help and Support Center
Home Page
Windows XP Help includes instructions on using Help itself. You can learn how to find a
Help topic by using the Help and Support Center Home page.
To use the Help and Support Center Home page:
1. Click Windows basics . A list of topics related to using Windows XP appears in the left
pane of the Help and Support Center window.
2. Click Tips for using Help . A list of Help topics appears in the right pane of the Help window.
3. Click Change fonts in Help and Support Center . The instructions appear in the right
pane of the Help and Support Center window.
Besides listing the pages in the Help and Support Center window, the navigation bar con-
tains two buttons—the Back button and the Forward button . You use these buttons
to navigate the pages you’ve already opened. You’ll use the Back button next to return to
the previous page you viewed. Once you do, you activate the Forward button, which you
can click to go to the next page of those you’ve opened.
4. Click the Back button on the navigation bar. You return to the Tips for using Help
page. The Forward button is now active.
Selecting a Topic from the Index
The Index page allows you to jump to a Help topic by selecting a topic from an alphabeti-
cal list. For example, you can use the Index page to learn how to arrange open windows
on your desktop.
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