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Session 2
To find a Help topic using the Index page:
1. Click Index
on the navigation bar. A long list of indexed Help topics appears in the
left pane.
2. Drag the scroll box down to view additional topics in the list box.
You can quickly jump to any part of the list by typing the first few characters of a word or
phrase in the box that appears above the Index list.
3. If necessary, click in the Type in the keyword to find text box above the Index list, and then
type windows . As you type each character in the word, the list of Index topics scrolls and
eventually displays topics that relate to windows.
4. Under the “windows and panes on your computer screen” topic, click the topic reducing
windows to taskbar buttons , and then click the Display button. When there is just one
topic, it appears immediately in the right pane; otherwise, the Topics Found window opens,
listing all topics indexed under the selected entry.
The information you requested appears in the right pane. This topic has two underlined
phrases, “taskbar” and “Related Topics,” which you can click to view definitions or addi-
tional information.
5. Click the underlined phrase taskbar . A ScreenTip shows the definition of “taskbar.”
6. Click a blank area of the Help and Support Center window to close the ScreenTip.
If you have an Internet connection, you can use another Help page, Support, to contact
Microsoft support or get in touch with other users of Windows XP. The Support page works
like the Home page. To get support on a particular feature, you click a support option and
then click the topic for which you need help. Continue clicking topics, if necessary, until
you get help from a Microsoft support person or an experienced Windows XP user.
Searching the Help Pages
If you can’t find the topic you need by using the Home or Index pages, or if you want to
quickly find Help pages related to a particular topic, you can use the Search box. Suppose
you want to know how to exit Windows XP, but you don’t know if Windows refers to this
as exiting, quitting, closing, or shutting down. You can search the Help pages to find just
the right topic.
To search the Help pages for information on exiting Windows XP:
1. Click in the Search box. A blinking insertion point appears.
2. Type shutdown and then click the Start Searching button . A list of Help pages con-
taining the word “shutdown” appears in the left pane of the Help and Support Center win-
dow. The ones listed under Suggested Topics are topics where “shutdown” has been
assigned as a keyword—meaning the topics have to do with shutting something down.
3. Click the Full-text Search Matches button. In these topics, “shutdown” is included in the
text of the Help topic.
4. Click the Suggested Topics button, and then click Turn off the computer . A Help topic
appears in the right pane of the Help and Support Center window, as shown in Figure 30.
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