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Session 2
Figure 30
Using search to find a Help page
type one or more words
in the Search box
c l ick to find Help pages containing
the text in the Search box
cl i ck a topic to open the
corresponding Help page
If this topic were longer than the Help and Support Center window, you could use the scroll
bar to read the entire topic.
5. Click the Close button
on the title bar to close the Help and Support Center window.
Now that you know how Windows XP Help works, don’t forget to use it. Use Help
when you need to perform a new task or when you forget how to complete a procedure.
Shutting Down Windows XP
You should always shut down Windows XP before you turn off your computer. If you turn off
your computer without shutting it down correctly, you might lose data and damage your files.
Typically you will use the Turn Off Computer command on the Start menu when you
want to turn off your computer. However, your school might prefer that you select the Log
Off command on the Start menu. This command logs you out of Windows XP but leaves the
computer turned on, allowing another user to log on without restarting the computer. Check
with your instructor or technical support person for the preferred method at your lab.
When you select the Turn Off Computer command on the Start menu, the Turn Off
Computer dialog box opens with four buttons: Standby, Turn Off, Restart, and Cancel. You
choose Standby when you want to put your computer into an idle state in which it con-
sumes less power, but is still available for immediate use. Choose Turn Off to shut down
Windows and turn off the power, and choose Restart to shut down Windows and then
immediately start it again. Choose Cancel if you do not want to end your Windows ses-
sion, but want to return to your previous task.
To shut down Windows XP:
1. Click the Start button on the taskbar.
2. Click the Turn Off Computer command at the bottom of the Start menu. The Turn Off
Computer dialog box opens. See Figure 31.
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