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Adding your domain name to Office 365
2. When you have selected the instruction that applies to you, the instruction will
appear on the same page. In this example, when we selected General Instructions,
we were given the option to create either a TXT record or an MX record in DNS that
contains a unique number. During verification, Office 365 will resolve the domain
through DNS and will attempt to locate these records. Personally, we have always
used a TXT record instead of an MX record, but both options are available to you.
Figure 3-6 shows information for General Instructions.
Figure 3-6 General Instructions to modify DNS.
3. Next, make the changes to your DNS. When you are done, click the done, verify now
button. If you need more time or need to rely on someone else to make the DNS
changes for you, just close the window. You can come back and verify the domain
Entering a DNS TXT record
In this section, we show you how to add the required TXT record to a Windows DNS server.
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