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Adding your domain name to Office 365
Figure 3-10 Domains page in the admin center.
2. Click Specify a domain name and confirm ownership.
3. Click the done, verify now button.
After your domain has been successfully verified, the next task is to specify how users will
be added to Office 365.
Adding users and assigning licenses
We will explain how to add users through directory synchronization in Chapter 4. Therefore,
we need to specify that users will be added at a later time. Follow these steps to specify
that you will add users later:
1. If you are on the Add a domain page of Office 365, skip to the next step. Otherwise,
from the admin center, click domains, and then click the Setup in progress link in the
Status column, as shown in Figure 3-10.
2. On the Add a domain to Office 365 page, notice that the link in Step 2, which is
Add users and assign licenses, is now active. Furthermore, the link in Step 1, which
is Specify a domain name and confirm ownership, is no longer active and a check is
shown for that step. This indicates you have completed the task. Click the Add users
and assign licenses link.
3. Select the I don’t want to add users right now option and click next.
You are now ready to finish the third task, which is to define the domain purpose and
configure DNS.
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