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Adding your domain name to Office 365
Setting the domain purpose and configuring DNS
Setting the purpose of the domain means defining whether the domain will be used for
Exchange Online, Lync Online, or SharePoint Online. Follow these steps to set the domain
1. If you are on the Add a domain to Office 365 page, skip to the next step. Otherwise,
from the admin center click domains, and then click the Setup in progress link in the
Status column, as shown in Figure 3-10.
2. At the Add a domain to Office 365 page, notice that the link in Step 3, which is Set
the domain purpose and configure DNS, is now active. Furthermore, there are checks
next to Steps 1 and 2 to indicate you have completed the tasks. Click the Set the
domain purpose and configure DNS link.
3. On the Set up domain page, you have the option to choose Exchange Online, Lync
Online, SharePoint Online, or any combination of the three. The screen to set the
domain purpose will look similar to the one shown in Figure 3-11. Select the services
you want to associate with the domain and click next.
Figure 3-11 Set domain purpose.
4. Setting the domain purpose in the preceding step allows Office 365 to determine
the necessary records you need to add to your DNS server, as shown in Figure 3-12.
Office 365 does not manage DNS records but still provides services that require
specific DNS entries for them to work. Add the records to your DNS server, then
click done, go check. Office 365 will check that the DNS records are correctly created
and will inform you if any errors are found. If there are no errors, you will receive a
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