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Installing IIS on the AD FS server
A user can authenticate to AD through the UPN or by the legacy NetBIOS method
Domain\Username ). Adding an alternate UPN suffix and changing the default UPN (
ix for users will not affect the NetBIOS logon method. When you add multiple alternate
UPN suffixes, a user can log on with any of the UPNs, but Directory Sync will use only the
default UPN suffix from the Office 365 account creation process. That is why it is
important to make sure the default UPN is set to the domain associated with Office 365 or it
will not be able to create the user with that UPN. Instead, Directory Sync will create the
account with the default initial Office 365 UPN suffix, which is in the form of @<
CompanyName >
Aside from the UPN suffix in AD, it is important to remember that Office 365 relies on AD
attributes for information. For example, the Global Address List (GAL) information for users
as well as distribution lists (DLs) rely on AD information. Therefore, you will need to ensure
these attributes are populated in AD so the information will be available in Office 365.
Installing IIS on the AD FS server
AD FS requires the IIS role on the server. Install the IIS role by following these steps:
1. In Control Panel, select the Turn Windows features on or off option.
2. Select Roles in the Server Manager MMC.
3. In the Roles Summary pane, see if Web Server (IIS) is listed as an installed role. If you
see it, then you are done and can skip the rest of the steps and go straight to the
“Requesting and Installing Certificates” section.
4. If you do not see it, click the Add Roles link in the Roles Summary pane on the right.
5. Let the Add Roles Wizard guide you. When you are prompted to select roles to
install, select the check box for Web Server (IIS).
6. Let the wizard guide you through the rest of the installation. Once complete, the IIS
role will be installed.
You are now ready to protect the IIS Server with an SSL certificate for the default website.
Requesting and installing certificates
Now that we have IIS installed on the AD FS server, we need to address the issue of security
certificates before we can install AD FS 2.0.
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