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Installing and configuring AD FS 2.0
Figure 3-37 Configuration Results page showing AD FS 2.0 was successfully installed.
SPN was not set
You might be required to set the SPN for the service account manually. A common
problem that occurs is when your host name is the same as the certificate issued to the
default website. You can either change the server host name or revoke and reissue the
certificate. The first option is usually simpler. Once you have done so, run the following
command in a command line window as an administrator:
setspn -a host\<fully qualified servername> <domain>\<service account>
For example, if the fully qualified host name is and the service account
is adatum\svc_adfs, the command will be the following:
setspn -a host\ adatum\svc_adfs
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