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Completely uninstall AD FS 2.0
2. Select the View Installed Updates link and search for the Active Directory Federation
Services 2.0 component.
3. Select the Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 component and click Uninstall, as
shown in Figure 3-46.
Figure 3-46 Uninstall Active Directory Federation Services 2.0.
Restoring IIS
Uninstalling AD FS 2.0 does not restore IIS to its original state. When you installed AD FS
2.0, the setup created virtual directories in IIS and an application pool for AD FS. These are
not removed as part of the uninstall process, so you will have to do this manually. The
virtual directories that were created in IIS are /adfs and /adfs/ls, and the application pool that
was created is named ADFSAppPool, as shown in Figure 3-47.
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