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Configuring directory synchronization
6. Select the Start Configuration Wizard now check box, as shown in Figure 4-29. If you
choose to do so later, you can clear the check box and run the Configuration Wizard
later by starting the executable at < Drive >:\program files\Windows Azure Active
Directory Sync\ConigWizard.exe.
Figure 4-29 Start the Configuration Wizard.
Configuring directory synchronization
You are now ready to configure directory synchronization using the Windows Azure Active
Directory Sync tool Configuration Wizard. If the Configuration Wizard is not already
running, you can start it by following these steps:
1. On the directory synchronization server, open Windows Explorer and navigate to the
directory synchronization directory. In our example, we used the default installation
location for directory synchronization, which is c:\Program Files\Windows Azure
Active Directory Sync.
2. Run the directory synchronization Configuration Wizard by locating and starting
ConigWizard.exe, as shown in Figure 4-30.
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