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Configuring directory synchronization
3. Next, as shown in Figure 4-34, you will be asked for an AD enterprise administrator
credential. As mentioned earlier, the enterprise administrator credential provided
will be used only once to create a service account and security group in AD. Notice
that you can provide the AD credentials in UPN or down-level logon name ( Domain \
username ) format.
Figure 4-34 AD Enterprise Administrator credentials requested by the Configuration
The next step in the configuration depends on whether you will be configuring a
hybrid Exchange environment. Remember, in the case of a hybrid Exchange setup,
directory synchronization will have to write information back to AD. Table 3-1 shows
the list of attributes that are written back to AD by directory synchronization.
TABLE 3-1 Attributes that are written back to AD to enable Exchange coexistence
Writes back to on-premises filtering and online
safe and blocked sender data
Identifies mailbox archive status in Exchange
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