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Initiating an unscheduled directory synchronization using Synchronization Service Manager
Figure 4-50 Start Time, End Time, and Status of the synchronization with AD.
10. Directory synchronization is now aware of the changes in AD. Look at the
Synchronization Statistics pane located at the bottom left of the window, as shown
in Figure 4-51. This pane shows changes and additions in AD detected by directory
synchronization since the last time it ran. For example, as a demonstration, we
modified a user account and added a new user account in AD. As expected, the
Synchronization Statistics shows one Add and one Update.
Figure 4-51 Synchronization Statistics.
11. If you made changes, additions, or deletions in AD, the links in the Synchronization
Statistics pane become active. As shown in Figure 4-51, only the Adds and Deletes
links are active because we modified one account and added a new account. Click
the links to see details on the additions, deletions, or updates. For example, Figure
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