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Initiating an unscheduled directory synchronization using Windows PowerShell
1. From the directory synchronization server, navigate to < Drive >:\program files\
Windows Azure Active Directory Sync\.
2. Locate DirSyncConigSell.psc1 and double-click the file . This will open Windows
PowerShell with the correct directory synchronization modules loaded, as shown in
Figure 4-55.
3. Enter the following command:
Figure 4-55 Starting the DirSyncConigShell.psc1 file and entering the Start-OnlineCoexis-
tenceSync command.
4. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory synchronization installation
at < Drive >:\program files\Windows Azure Active Directory Sync\SYNCBUS\
Synchronization Service\UIShell and locate miisclient.exe, as shown in Figure 4-42.
5. In the Synchronization Service Manager window, click the Operations tab near the
The Operations tab lists all the directory synchronization operations. Note that the
StartOnlineCoexistenceSync cmdlet created four synchronization operations, as shown in Figure
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