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Troubleshooting common directory synchronization errors
2. The configuration file is simply a text file. Use an editor such as Notepad to open it.
3. Modify the SyncTimeInterval key value. The format is hours:minutes:seconds. Notice
the default is 3:0:0, which indicates three hours, as shown in Figure 4-58.
Figure 4-58 Modifying the SyncTimeInterval value with Notepad.
4. Save the file.
5. Restart the server or restart Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Service.
Troubleshooting common directory synchronization
Directory synchronization is a fairly robust procedure not normally prone to errors. The
common problems are usually related to account access rights, network connectivity, and
errors specific to the objects being synchronized.
In later chapters, we will dive deeper into monitoring strategies, which will include health
and monitoring for directory synchronization using System Center. For now, let us look at
some basic directory synchronization troubleshooting strategies.
Directory synchronization problems can be classified into one of these categories:
Issues that prevent the directory synchronization process from running as scheduled
Directory synchronization not able to synchronize certain objects or attributes
Directory synchronization is not running
If directory synchronization is not running, you probably will notice that Office 365 is not
reflecting changes in AD or that directory synchronization did not run at the interval you
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