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Directory synchronization data problems
Directory synchronization data problems
If directory synchronization is running but you notice anomalies, such as accounts not
being replicated accurately, this can be attributed to data quality issues.
Unrecognized or invalid data in Active Directory
The data in the properties of objects synchronized into Office 365 are checked to make
sure they are well-formed. There are specific criteria for these attributes; for example, email
addresses cannot contain certain characters and cannot be more than 256 characters in
length. Invalid data types can lead to objects or properties not being synchronized. To
ensure that AD does not contain unsupported data, run the Microsoft Office 365
Deployment Readiness tool, as discussed in Chapter 2, “Planning and preparing to deploy Office
You might also receive email notifications that state specific problems. The following errors
might be reported:
A synchronized object with the same proxy address already exists in Office 365.
Unable to update this object because the user ID is not found.
Unable to update this object in Windows Azure Active Directory because the
following attributes associated with this object have values that might already be
associated with another object in your local directory.
To troubleshoot data quality errors, you have two tools at your disposal:
Microsoft Online Services Diagnostics and Logging (MOSDAL) Support Toolkit
Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Readiness Toolkit
We covered the Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Readiness Toolkit in Chapter 2. You can
re-run this tool again to identify which AD objects have data quality issues that might be
affecting directory synchronization.
We also introduced MOSDAL in Chapter 2, but in the next section, we will use MOSDAL
specifically to troubleshoot directory synchronization.
Troubleshooting directory synchronization using the
MOSDAL toolkit
Use the MOSDAL toolkit specifically to troubleshoot directory synchronization:
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