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Directory synchronization data problems
Figure 4-61 MOSDAL requesting Office 365 logon credentials.
4. Click Next to start the testing process. Ignore the instructions on this page because
you do not need to restart any applications for this particular test.
5. When the test is complete, click Exit And Show Files.
6. Windows Explorer will open and show the MOSDAL directories. The reports are
organized by the date and time stamp of the test. Open the folder with the date and
time stamp that corresponds to your test.
7. Open the Admin_Applications folder.
8. Open the Directory_Synchronization_Tool folder.
9. Locate a text file titled MOSDALLog_Directory_Synchronization_Tool. Open this log
file with any text editor. This is the log file that details the directory synchronization
test steps. Take note of any errors encountered by the test. We included details on
how to resolve two of the most common errors in the Troubleshooting sidebar. Close
the MOSDALLog_Directory_Synchronization_Tool file.
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