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Directory synchronization data problems
Common MOSDAL errors
If you open the Directory_Synchronization_Tool folder and see only one file, the
MOSDALLog_Directory_Synchronization_Tool file, that usually means the directory
synchronization test encountered a problem. Open the MOSDALLog_Directory_Syn-
chronization_Tool file with a text editor to determine the error. One common error is
the account used to run MOSDAL does not have sufficient privileges. The
MOSDALLog_Directory_Synchronization_Tool file will look similar to the one shown in Figure
4-62. This error occurs even though you ran MOSDAL as an administrator
Figure 4-62 Log file for the MOSDAL directory synchronization test.
To resolve errors related to the need for administrative elevation, you need to add the
account you are using to run MOSDAL to the local FIMSyncAdmins group:
1. From the directory synchronization server, click Control Panel, and then click User
2. Select Give other users access to this computer.
3. Lastly, click Add to add a user or select an existing user, click Properties, and then select
the Group Membership tab.
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