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System Center 2012 Operations Manager
Any system you can run a script against in any language and determine the state of
the entity you are monitoring
INSIDE OUT Operations Manager, scripting, and Office 365
Operations Manager’s ability to use scripting to monitor systems is very applicable
because Office 365 relies heavily on scripts. There are also Windows PowerShell scripts
to get status information for each of the services in Office 365, which provides your
organization with the ability to monitor and generate reports based on Office 365 usage
and status.
Operations Manager is extensible through its ability to import and use modules known
as Management Packs (MPs). MPs are sets of prebuilt monitoring parameters designed
specifically for different workloads. MPs exist for hundreds of technologies today,
including SQL Server, AD, IIS, Exchange, and AD FS. These technologies are the ones that
are most relevant to Office 365 because they are needed for Directory Synchronization
and Single Sign-On. Monitoring these workloads is very important because if any of
these fail, it could render Office 365 inaccessible.
MPs that are specific to Microsoft technologies are developed by the individual product
teams responsible for the respective technology. Therefore, the actual development group
that produces the technology is also the one that specifies the parameters that are
important for the health of that technology. No other group is more authoritative or is in a better
position to define an MP than the product group.
In 2010, Microsoft acquired AVIcode, Inc., which was recognized as a leader in the .NET
Framework application performance monitoring. AVIcode was essentially an MP
development company. For many years, the products of AVIcode were focused on the real-time
monitoring of the .NET Framework application performance and diagnostics.
Operations Manager has agents based on the .NET Framework that run on Microsoft
operating systems as well as OpenPegasus agents that run on the Linux/UNIX/Solaris versions
of operating systems. For monitoring of devices such as routers or Uninterruptable Power
Supplies (UPS), SNMP polling is done in agentless mode. Agentless monitoring is also
available for Windows-based systems with a subset of the full monitoring potential available.
Therefore, if Office 365 is dependent on on-premises systems, and the systems are in turn
dependent on non-Microsoft components such as UPS devices, Operations Manager can
manage the entire technology stack so that a failure in one area can be quickly identified as
the root cause of an outage. We will cover the planning, installation, basic operations, and
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