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Evaluating what to monitor
Plan to provision physical and or virtual servers to deploy Operations Manager.
Decide on the need for high availability in the System Center infrastructure.
Identify the on-premises and off-premises technologies that need monitoring.
Identify if there is overlap with existing technology and evaluate whether that
technology can be replaced by Operations Manager.
Validate that the network can handle the additional traffic of the monitoring solution.
Determine whether network changes will need to be made.
Determine whether there are special security requirements.
Design a proof of concept for Operations Manager.
Determine what the pilot deployment of Operations Manager will entail, and define
milestones and success criteria.
Implement a production deployment plan, which might entail an upgrade of the pilot
system or a complete rebuild.
For the sake of brevity, we will use a single server implementation of Operations Manager
to monitor our existing AD, Windows operating systems, and other technologies that Office
365 depends on.
Although running Operations Manager in Windows Azure Virtual Machines is an option, we
will use the on-premises model for the exercises covered in this chapter.
Evaluating what to monitor
As part of the Office 365 project, the design scope of monitoring will have to be focused on
Office 365 technologies. That is not to say you should limit the monitoring infrastructure to
just the technologies that Office 365 is dependent on. Leveraging System Center to
monitor other technologies is a good strategy to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).
However, if the core focus is on making sure Office 365 and its dependent workloads are
properly monitored, it is important that your organization prioritizes which technologies to
monitor. There is a key distinction between "need to monitor" versus "want to monitor." We
make this distinction because we have seen many customers allow scope creep to take over
when they realize there are over 300 Management Packs (MPs) available for download. The
end result could be either a project that becomes too overwhelming or a monitoring
infrastructure that produces so much data that the effective monitoring of Office 365 becomes
lost in the mountain of data.
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