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Administering the monitoring solution
It is important to remember that Office 365 is only as good as the SLA of a dependent
on-premises technology. Even though the Office 365 SLA is 99.9 percent, if AD FS is
implemented to facilitate Single Sign-On (SSO), and your organization can guarantee
only 99.7 percent, then the Office 365 SLA is also reduced accordingly because if AD FS
is not available, then access to Office 365 might also become unavailable to users who
are not already authenticated. That is the reason we stress the importance of monitoring
and why we dedicate several chapters in this Office 365 book to a monitoring solution
such as Microsoft System Center 2012.
We will use the preceding list as the basis for the MPs we will download and import into
System Center Operations Manager in the "Deploying the SCOM infrastructure and
importing the Office 365 Management Pack" section of this chapter.
Administering the monitoring solution
Microsoft has incorporated Role Based Access Control, frequently referred to as RBAC, into
Operations Manager. You should be familiar with this term after reading this topic because
RBAC also is used extensively in Office 365 administration.
Like in Office 365, RBAC in System Center allows the delegation of permissions within
System Center Operations Manager so that users can be granted rights to various workspaces
and objects to be administered through the Operations Manager console.
The design of RBAC can be based on your organization's current administrative practices.
Whether it is a tiered or centralized structure, RBAC can be designed to accommodate any
organizational administration style. However, instead of completely mirroring your current
organization's administration model in RBAC, it might be prudent to appreciate that your
organization's current model might be a result of the lack of RBAC-based administrative
tools in the past. Therefore, with the introduction of Operations Manager, and the increased
scope with respect to Office 365, your organization might want to take the opportunity to
redesign the process, if applicable.
There are many RBAC roles available in Operations Manager. The following list shows some
of the roles:
Operations Manager administrators
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