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Licensing overview
Licensing overview
There are four core technologies in Office 365: Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and Office
ProPlus. As with many Microsoft licensing options, Office 365 provides multiple paths for
Just like the on-premises versions of the software, there is a standard edition as well as an
enterprise edition for Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync. In the online world, these are known
as Plan 1 and Plan 2. Online Plan 1 is equivalent to an on-premises standard edition, while
Online Plan 2 is equivalent to an on-premises enterprise edition. Therefore, Office 365 core
technologies can be further defined by these plans:
Exchange Online
Plan 1
Plan 2
SharePoint Online
Plan 1
Plan 2
Lync Online
Plan 1
Plan 2
Office 365 ProPlus (no different plans)
Office 365 stand-alone purchases
The Plan 1 and Plan 2 categories represent the foundation of the flexible Office 365
licensing model. You can purchase any core technology and its associated plan as a stand-alone
component. For example, if your organization is interested only in adopting a cloud-based
email solution, you can acquire either Exchange Plan 1 or Exchange Plan 2, depending on
the desired features. You do not need to acquire any of the other core technologies, such as
Lync Online or SharePoint Online. We cover the different capabilities included in Plan 1 and
Plan 2 for each of the core technologies in Office 365 in their respective chapters in this
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