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Creating a subscription
10. You should see a screen notifying you that channels are saved, as shown in Figure
5-53. Click Close.
Figure 5-53 Notification Subscriber Wizard completion.
You have now successfully created an alert and the channels that the alerts will be sent to.
You also saw that there can be different channels for the alerts, and each channel can have
its own notification schedule and method.
Creating a subscription
Subscriptions are designed to facilitate users getting notifications without having the
administrator maintain the notifications on a per-user basis. The subscription allows the
administrator to specify the devices that send the notifications and the formats in which
they are sent. In this section, we will create a subscription for alerts with an Error severity
from any of the Office 365 or infrastructure servers.
1. Right-click the Notification node in the Administration pane, as shown in Figure 5-45,
and select New Subscription.
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