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Chapter 6: Customizing Operations Manager reports and dashboards for Office 365
3. On the Choose Members from a List page, select Explicit Members, and then click
Add/Remove Objects. On the Object Selection page, either search by object, search
by service, or enter the name of the server you want to add to the group, as shown in
Figure 6-3. Click Add.
Figure 6-3 Add objects to a group.
4. Repeat Step 3 and add all the Office 365 dependent servers. Click OK when you have
added all the servers, and then click Next.
5. On the Dynamic Members page, leave the defaults and click Next. You will not be
using a formula to identify servers or services.
6. On the Subgroups page, leave the defaults and click Next again because you will not
be defining subgroups.
7. On the Excluded Members page, click Create.
You have now created a group that contains the servers that Office 365 depends on. Later
in the chapter, as you create dashboards and reports, you will use this group as the targeted
scope. By doing so, the dashboards and reports will be based on the servers in this group.
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