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Tuning the Office 365 management pack and reducing false alarms
To accurately monitor the Office 365 tenant availability, the service health dashboard in the
Office 365 admin center should be used. This dashboard details the health and availability
of all Office 365 services and their sub-services, such as email and calendar access under
Exchange Online. The ideal monitoring solution for Office 365 is to query the service health
dashboard today column on an interval and map the 9 possible states in the Office 365
service health status legend to SCOM monitor states. Monitoring the Office 365 service health
dashboard is an evolving topic that we will continue to cover by providing regular updates
at the following blog:
ter-2012-operations-manager-web-application-monitoring-example.aspx .
In summary, while monitoring Office 365 from your on-premises monitoring solution is a
viable option, there are many factors that might cause your uptime to appear differently
than what the cloud solutions uptime actually is. This could work both against or for you.
This topic is discussed at the System Center Central website at http://www.systemcentercen- .
SCOM monitoring performs synthetic transactions, which are like user requests. These
transactions run on a scheduled interval by using a SCOM watcher node. A watcher node
is a SCOM agent-managed system designated to test synthetic transactions against remote
systems. The result from each test is then validated to ensure that a response indicating a
successful transaction was received. When such a response is received, the watcher node
determines the service is healthy; otherwise, the watcher node will trigger an alert.
To enable monitoring of your Office 365 environment, perform the following steps:
1. Create an account that will be used by SCOM to access Office 365 to make sure
services are available. Ensure that the account is replicated to Office 365 if directory
synchronization is implemented. Make sure to assign the account an Office 365
license. Provide the account the correct level of access rights to SharePoint online. For
this exercise, we have created an account called O365TesterAccount and provided it
with an Office 365 license and access rights to the SharePoint Online team site.
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