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Configuring the watcher nodes
Configuring the watcher nodes
As mentioned earlier, a watcher node is an agent that runs monitors and rules that test an
application or feature on a remote system. In this case, you will be using a watcher node to
monitor and test Office 365.
INSIDE OUT Why is it a best practice to use watcher nodes to
monitor Office 365?
Watcher nodes can validate that access to Office 365 is healthy, and it
also can collect a slew of metrics in the process. For example, a watcher
node can determine how long it took to connect to Office 365, resolve the
resource, and traverse the network to it. It also can provide the total round
trip response time from the resource. This can help provide insight to the
end-user’s experience with Office 365.
Follow these steps to configure the Office 365 MP to have a single watcher node for
all three Office 365 monitoring scenarios for InboxOfice365, LoginOfice365, and
1. On the SCOM console navigation pane, click Authoring and expand the Management
Pack Templates node. Then click Web Application Transaction Monitoring, as shown
in Figure 6-17.
The three test synthetic transactions are already created through the Office 365 MP
import process.
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