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Vanity domain name
Vanity domain name
Your true domain name is referred to as the vanity domain name . Continuing with the
preceding example, if you have a tenant called, your users can have
an email address in the form of < User > However, often this is
not desirable. Your organization's email address in this case might be < User >@adatum.
com. Therefore, you need to add as a vanity domain name to your adatum. tenant.
There are no version numbers associated with Office 365, although you might hear some
people use the term wave , as in Wave 14 and Wave 15 . The wave term is Microsoft's
internal reference to releases of Office 365. Wave 14 refers to Office 365 with 2010 versions of
Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and Office 365 Professional Plus. Wave 15 refers to Office 365
with 2013 versions. In this topic, we will use the official naming convention of Office 365,
which is to refer to Office 365 with the version number of the software component. For
example, if we are referring to Exchange Online 2010, we will refer to it as Office 365 with
Exchange Online 2010 or simply as Exchange Online 2010.
Hybrid is frequently used in the context of the different Office 365 services. The term refers
to the implementation of on-premises Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync coexisting and
working with the respective online deployments. For example, Exchange in a hybrid
environment is the integration of on-premises Exchange with Exchange Online; in this scenario, an
enterprise could have some mailboxes hosted on-premises and others hosted online. We
will discuss hybrid scenarios that are specific to individual services in later chapters. Hybrid
can also refer to on-premises technology coexisting with a different Office 365 service.
For example, you might want to continue hosting Exchange on-premises but would like
to introduce Lync capabilities through Office 365. The ability to integrate Lync Online with
on-premises Exchange is another example of a hybrid configuration involving different
Examples and screen shots
The examples, instructions, and screen shots in this topic are based on Office 365 with the
2010 versions of the software as well as 2013 versions when they were in preview and final
release. However, the majority of the focus is on Office 365 with 2013 software. Due to the
rapid evolution of Office 365, your screen might not match some of the screen shots in this
book. We plan to regularly update this topic to address significant changes in Office 365.
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