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Core competency
is a significant financial challenge for many organizations and a near impossibility for many
small organizations prior to Office 365.
Core competency
Microsoft is the largest software company and is the developer of all the software offered
in Office 365. As the manufacturer of all the software from the operating system to the
applications, offering the latest Microsoft technologies through Office 365 is definitely a
core competency. As such, Office 365 customers benefit from the best trained data center
operations personnel and can expect higher levels of availability and the shortest resolution
time for problems compared to full reliance on in-house supported data center operations.
INSIDE OUT From the desk of a Chief Information Officer
“Moving from a traditional on-premise environment to the cloud has been a great
journey that will continue into the foreseeable future. Cloud technology in my view is only
going to continue to mature and be of greater benefit to government and all industries
as we are able to take advantage of the economies of scale, scalability, and redundancy
that cloud platforms like Office 365 provide that we cannot duplicate within our own
data centers. The benefits that the cloud platforms provide outweigh the current
constraints. However, there are lessons to be learned from early adopters on how best to
make the transition from an on-premise environment to a cloud Office 365 environment
that should be understood before making the leap. This book will assist you in
understanding how best to make the transition to O365 so that you have a smooth transition
and understand the investment of resources and budget.”
William Kehoe, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
King County, Washington
Trust Center
Microsoft is very serious about security and privacy. Therefore, Microsoft created the Office
365 Trust Center to ensure transparent and efficient communication about the security and
privacy of Microsoft cloud services.
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