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Creating a new runbook for Office 365 email accounts
9. The Browse for Computer dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 7-21. Click OK to
deploy Integration Packs from an available Orchestrator Runbook Designer server(s).
Figure 7-21 Select the Orchestrator server that will use the Integration Packs.
10. Select Orchestrator Server and click OK.
11. Click Next, then choose to schedule or deploy now the Integration Packs. This page
supports the requirement of maintenance windows for production. Click Next, and
then click Close.
At this stage, all the Integration Packs we need are imported and should be available in the
System Center Orchestrator Runbook Designer. Next, we will build the runbook for
automating the creation of an Office 365 email account for a new user.
Creating a new runbook for Office 365 email accounts
Now that we have implemented the foundation for automation with the installation of
System Center Orchestrator, it's time to create your first runbook. The next few steps support
two specific goals. The first is to provide an introduction to the basics of Orchestrator and
the second is to enable the automation framework to be used with Microsoft System
Center Service Manager. We show you how to enable the automation framework in Chapter 8.
Follow these next steps to create the Orchestrator runbook for a new Office 365 account.
However, you will not configure any of the activities. The configuration of each activity
depends on a few parameters in System Center 2012 SP1 Service Manager, which we will
discuss in Chapter 8.
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