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Creating a new runbook for Office 365 email accounts
4. On the right side of the Runbook Designer, expand the Runbook Control Integration
Pack folder, as shown in Figure 7-24. Select the Initialize Data activity, and then drag
and drop the activity to the far left of the screen. Double-click the activity and select
the Add button.
Figure 7-24 Selection of the first Orchestrator activity from the runbook IP on the
Activities menu.
5. Double-click Parameter 1 in the details pane, change the name to ActivityGUID, and
click OK. ActivityGUID is used to identify the Service Manager ID. Click Finish to close
the Details Information window.
6. On the right side of the Runbook Designer, expand the Active Directory folder, select
the Create User activity, and drag and drop the activity next to the Initialize Data
7. Click the Initialize Data activity. Now move your mouse to the right of the activity
until the mouse turns into a crosshair. With the mouse pointer as a crosshair, click and
drag to connect the Initialize Data activity with the Create User activity, as shown in
Figure 7-25. This is how you link one activity to the next.
Figure 7-25 Placement and linking of the first two Orchestrator activities.
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