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Enabling the System Center Orchestrator connector
Figure 8-15 Use the Service Manager console to enable the Orchestrator connector.
2. The Orchestrator Connector Wizard appears. The wizard will help you step through
the connector process. Use the information in Table 8-1 to complete the wizard. As
you enter the information from the Wizard Item column, click Next to move through
the wizard to the next item to complete.
TABLE 8-1 Completing the Orchestrator Connector Wizard items
Wizard Item
Item Configuration
Item Notes
Connector Name
Orchestrator Connector
Enable Connector
Web service URL
http:// Server :81/Orchestra-
Change Server to Your
Server Name
Domain \SM_Service
Service Account
Sync Folder
Default is the root \ or \
Limit to Folder
Web Console URL
http:// Server :82/
Change Server to Your
Server Name
3. After filling in the appropriate information, the Summary page appears. Click the
Create button to finalize the connection and close the wizard.
4. As you continue to build and test the Orchestrator runbooks, you will need to
synchronize the information from Orchestrator and expose the runbooks and their
activities to Service Manager for automation. Select the Synchronize Now option,
as shown in Figure 8-16. To ensure that the CMBD of System Center 2012 Service
Manager is updated with the latest information from the connector, System Center
2012 Orchestrator connector synchronizes with Service Manager on a daily basis.
If any changes are made in the runbooks, you can also initiate the synchronization
process manually by clicking Synchronize Now in the console or by using the
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