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Configuring Service Manager automation
Update-SCSMConnector Windows PowerShell cmdlet in the System.Center.Service.
Manager Windows PowerShell module.
Figure 8-16 Synchronize the Orchestrator runbook with Service Manager.
You now have completed the connection between Service Manager and Orchestrator. In
the next section, we will use this connection for the automation of requests.
Configuring Service Manager automation
The automation foundation is now completed. The next few exercises show you how to
create the automation components for the new Office 365 email account. In the Self-Service
Portal where user information is entered, the runbook is started and Active Directory
on-premises is synchronized with Office 365. Now that both System Center Service
Manager and System Center Orchestrator are installed, you need to complete the integration
between the two systems. The runbook automation process for this example requires five
main steps:
1. Complete Orchestrator integration and finalize the runbook.
2. Create a runbook automation activity template.
3. Create a service request template.
4. Create a request offering.
5. Create a service offering and publish it.
Unscheduled DirSync synchronization with Service Manager
In our example, you are expected to have AD FS enabled for AD to synchronize with
Office 365 in a two-phase process. The automation example can be modified based on
any of the scenarios discussed in Chapter 4, including the Exchange hybrid scenario.
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